Anna’s victory march at India Gate

Video-Beschreibung von newsxlive – 28.08.2011

In response to team Anna’s call of a grand celebration, thousands of supporters have gathered at India Gate to celebrate the end of 13-day long fast of Anna Hazare after the Parliament agreed to his key demands on Lokpal Bill.

Anna is weak and dehydrated: Doctor

Video-Beschreibung von newsxlive – 28.08.2011

The good news regarding Anna’s health is that his condition is not critical but the Gandhian crusader will have to travel a long way to bring his health back to normal. Doctor said that Anna is weak and dehydrated and will be kept on fluid diet.

Lokpal not a cure of all the ills: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said that Art of Living has been involved with Anna’s anti-corruption movement from day one.

Nationwide support for Anna

Video-Beschreibung von newsxlive – 24.08.2011

Along with hectic talks between the Anna panel and the government to end the impasse, support for Anna Hazare continues to pour in from around the country. From techies and students in Bangalore forming a human chain in support of Anna to a stage show in support of the Gandhian in remote Sunderbans in West Bengal — the Anna effect has become a nationwide phenomena. In Noida, adjoining the capital hundreds took out a rally in Anna’s support. In Damoh in Madhya Pradesh many children born after August 16 have been named after Anna.

Is this the right moment for Anna to end his fast?

Video-Beschreibung von ibnlive – 24.08.2011

On Talking Point, Rajdeep Sardesai asks, is this the right moment for Anna to end his fast?

Kabir Bedi (Schauspieler von Sandokan) ist auch bei der Debatte dabei.

Congress questioned about Jaitapur

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After the Congress joined the farmers protest against land acquisition in Greater Noida, the opposition has taken this as an opportunity to corner the Central Government. A growing chorus is asking why Rahul Gandhi is ignoring the issue of Jaitapur where too farmers have been agitating under land acquisition. However, the Congress party stands firms saying that Jaitapur is a completely different story than that in UP.