Outrage over December gangrape led to more awareness: Gloria Steinem

Video-Beschreibung von IBNLive – 19.01.2014

Iconic feminist, activist and writer Gloria Steinem says that the Delhi gangrape was a very important incident that helped in fighting violence. „I think it’s very important and it helps all of us, because we are all fighting violence in general and specifically female violence whether its in war zones, or whether it’s in homes in the United States or whether it’s here in the streets, so for women and men, especially young people to get out in the streets with such consistency and really say, okay this is enough, this was the match to the tinder, and now I think the media feels at least more inclined to report, even if it’s maybe not reporting on Dalit cases at least I think we’ve all been pushed into a higher state of consciousness,“ she said.

Ramdev mocks PM, ends fast, vacates stadium

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Video-Beschreibung von ibnlive – 14.08.2012

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev and his supporters have vacated the Ambedkar stadium after the yoga guru ended his fast. He is likely to leave for Haridwar late on Tuesday afternoon. Before ending his fast, Baba Ramdev targeted Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and slammed the Congress, claiming the support of all other political parties.

Nuke Rebuke: Anti-atomic drive incited by US NGOs in India?

Video-Beschreibung von RussiaToday – 15.04.2012

India’s ambitious atomic program is being stalled by widespread anti-nuclear protests across the country. The government says the discontent is partly fueled by US-backed local NGOs and insists the power plants are vital for rocketing energy needs. RT’s Priya Sridhar reports.

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