His name is Khan

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The government has taken a tough stand on detention of Shah Rukh Khan in US, External Affairs Minister SM Krishna has instructed Ambassador Nirupama Rao to take up the issue of detention of Shah Rukh Khan with the highest authorities in the U.S. He said the habit of detention and apology cannot continue. MoS External Affairs Preneet Kaur has reacted to Shah Rukh Khan’s detention saying merely an apology from the US government is not enough. She has also reiterated that the matter will be taken up at the highest level.

Video-Beschreibung von newsxlive – 13.04.2012

Speak out India is a NewsX special show which focuses on the main news event of the day. Today we discussed on, Shah Rukh Khan tripping the US Homeland Security’s alarm system yet again, just because his name is Khan. The United States is demonstrating again that when it comes to homeland security, there are no exceptions, not even for a Bollywood superstar. So we ask today- Is SRK’s detention in U.S an instance of racial profiling? India comments and shares its views only at this NewsX special show Speak out India.

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The actor joked about his detention while giving his speech at Yale University after receiving the Chubb fellowship.

Bollywood actor Dev Anand passes away

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Dev Anand, the ‚Evergreen Romantic Superstar‘ of Indian cinema, has passed away in London last night following cardiac arrest. He was 88.Dev Anand, who had come to London for medical checkup, was not keeping well for the last few days. His son Sunil was with him when he breathed last.

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Dev Anand – The Evergreen Hero Of Bollywood – Rajshri Tribute. Bollywood’s superstar and evergreen Dev Anand has left for his heavenly journey. Let’s have a look at life and times of this legendary actor.

Dev Anand war auch der Regisseur von Hare Rama Hare Krishna.

Rukma Bai, history-making Folk Singer, dies

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Rukma Bai was an amazing folk singer from Barmer, Rajasthan. The first woman from the Mahangniyar community to sing in public. She died today.

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Ramsar village, Barmer, Rajasthan. „Desert dreams sting as sharply as the desert sun,“ Rukma Bai warns.

At five in the morning, you can already feel against your skin, the sun sucking the chill out of the desert dawn. Memories of Rukma Bai piercing the night with her powerful rendition of Kesariya balam, give way to the sounds of a morning raga. We clamber out of our sleeping bags to the words of a playful bhajan, about a young Krishna talking to birds. The ’nandlal‘ in the bhajan is clearly her grandchild, who plays by her side as she makes bajre ki roti with lehsan ki chutney. Our breakfast.

Rukma Bai lost both her legs to polio. She drags herself on the stubs of her knees, burnt repeatedly by the scorching earth. It’s painful, she says, but less so than some episodes in her life. Her husband left her, ran away with her sister. She had to bring up three children. Recurrent drought killed all her cattle. With no legs to walk on, she could not go, like others, to work at drought-relief sites. Hunger threatened her children, which is when Komal Kothari, ethnomusicologist and unrivalled expert in desert music, suggested she sing in concerts, in public, for money.

„When a Manganiyar baby cries, it is in the tune of a raga.“

„If I cut you, blood will flow. If you cut me, there will be blood, but with it sand and music will flow too.“ …