Kudankulam nuclear plant to be operational in 6 weeks

Video-Beschreibung von newsxlive – 25.02.2012

The controversy-hit Kudankulam nuclear plant in Tamil Nadu may be operational in 6 weeks. The first 1,000MW unit will be opened soon as the project’s safety audits have been completed. Protests at the plant thinning and the state government now more supportive of the project being commissioned have raised hopes of the plant becoming functional. Secretary at the Dept of Atomic Energy Sukumar Banerjee has said and I quote. „The expert committees have done their job. Safety issues have been addressed. The plant’s first unit can be in working order once we are able to move in the required staff.“ Earlier, the nuclear plant ran into a fresh controversy with the prime Minister himself saying that NGOs with backing from U.S could be behind the protest and unrest over the plant. The government too pitched in with saying that the NGOs are diverting funds meant for social service into gathering support for the protests and creating false propaganda against the plant.

Video-Beschreibung von ibnlive – 23.02.2012

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, for the first time ever, hit out at anti-nuclear activists and questioned the source of their funding. He said, „There are NGOs often funded by the US and Scandinavian countries that are not fully appreciative of the developmental challenges that our country faces. For example what’s happening in Kudankulam where local NGO-led protests have stalled the commissioning of 21,000 MW nuclear reactors.“