NewsX show: Speak out India – Mumbai – a dump yard?

Video-Beschreibung von newsxlive – 08.08.2011

Speak out India is a special show in which viewers voice their opinion on issues that matters.

Weak Indian laws responsible for oil spills

Video-Beschreibung von newsxlive – 09.08.2011

The government may insist all is well and under control but weak laws in India against vessels and onshore and offshore facilities are also responsible for the oil spills. In US, oil spills lays down a fine of up to 10 million dollars for tank vessels causing spills. Indian law of oil spilling ships as of now lays down only a 6-month jail term or a fine of upto 10 lakh rupees or both and the Environmental Protection Act of 1986, prescribes only a fine of 1 lakh for marine pollution. India needs stronger laws and strong action against culprits.