Allah-Hoo, Allah-Hoo

Interpret: The Sabri Brothers
Album: Qawwali
Jahr: 1978

Translation: You are the Creator of all, without doubt.
The whole world seeks You:
Your Being radiates everywhere.
You have no peer. Lord of all.
Alla-hoo, Allah-hoo.
There is no other like You. You are unique.
You are the object of every thought and desire.
You are the light of the eye, the beat of the heart.
You are more precious than the jugular vein.
Alla-hoo, Allah-hoo.
You are the secret of the universe.
The beginning and the end of all.
The melody of the divine flute
In every song on every instrument.
Alla-hoo, Allah-hoo.
There is no denial, no dissension.
Only those who surrender completely are rewarded with Grace.
Your radiance sparkles in every eye.
You are the only one. There is no one else.
Alla-hoo, Allah-hoo.
You are the beginning. You are the end.
A glimpse of You has changed my life.
Only when I abondoned self did I catch that glimpse.
When the human being escapes love of self.
Submission elevates him to a higher plane.
Whenever I look at the artistry of Your creation
I am reminded of Your complete power.
There is the story of the goat
Who repeated „main main“ with great pride.
His life came to an end at the slaughterhouse.
And his entrails were turned into the strings
of the cotton-ginner’s bow.
When these strings were struck,
The only audible sound was „too too“.

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