The Parody of Radio-Active Annie Original Version

Video von angelialvares – 20.08.2011

I’m no character out of halloween
They call me radio-active Annie cause I’m green
I tell you now , it’s better this way,
Than dying of cancer and wasting away
At night I need no lights cause I glow in the dark
Everywhere I go I throw a spark
Everything in me is in a state of decay
I have to tell U now I’m immune to all rays
Gamma rays, alpha rays, beta rays and x-rays
radio-waves and sun-rays will bounce off me always
Do i like chocolate do I like treats?
I have to tell you now I don’t need to eat
Cause nuclear waste particles inside of me
Give me all my calories as decay heat
I’m one of those freaks who will not give in
To that Killer nuclear group who are living in sin
Babies deformed and cancer spreading
In Nano particles around the world which may be ending
I hate to say goodbye to my little birdie friends
They are too beautiful to meet this bitter end
They fill the world with their sweet sweet song
As they snap at insects from dawn to dawn
How do I measure myself in pounds or kilograms
I use the name of inventors becqerels and rontgeons
Picocuries Nanocuries rads amongs other things
My decay emitting rays can be measured to your liking
Milliseverts are colonels and Severts are the kings
If I had nine of the Kings I could do you in
Everyone’s afraid of me and my radioactivity
I really don’t know what’s to become of me
When I’m too hot I jump into a cooling pool
And that’s the only time I am quite and cool
For the rest I shall remain as Radio-active Annie
And glow in the dark to remind Humanity
Of the dangers of Nuclear Power and it’s Insanity
Of what it could do to you and what it did to me