My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves

Film: Amar, Akbar, Anthony
Jahr: 1977
Regie: Manmohan Desai
Interpret: Kishore Kumar
Komponist: Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi

we want a wonderful wow wait wait
you see the whole country of the system is just
opposition by the dev glowing
because you are sapasticared by ralaration
intaav seekeseshan by the tumesher are they

my name is anthony gonsalves

main duniya mein akela hoon
dil bhi hai khaali ghar bhi hai khaali

Translation: In this world, I’m all alone
An empty heart and an empty house as well

ismein rahegi koi kismat wali
haay jise meri yaad aaye jab chaahe chali aaye – 2
roopanagar premagali kholi nambar chaar sau bees

In them, a lucky girl will reside
Whoever thinks of me can come visit anytime
Street of Beauty, Lane of Love, House number 420

my name is …

you see such experiment
sasamstas for the extra bangle
abhi-abhi isi jagah pe ik ladaki dekhi hai

are dekhi hai aji dekhi ha
abhi-abhi isi jagah pe …

Just now, in this very place, I have spotted a girl
I have seen her, oh yes sir, I have seen her

jo mujhe ishaare karti hai par kisi se shaayad darti hai
are darti hai aaha darti hai uf

Who is winking at me, but perhaps, is afraid of someone
oh yes she is afraid, oh she is afraid

pyaar karegi kya darane wali
meri banegi koi himmat wali
to jise meri yaad aaye …

How will this scared one be able to love
Only a brave girl will become mine

you se the quiet piscent of the lending is inject
opposition by the glowing ermeshpiyarik
prisoner is the country today

bade-bade log yahaan hain lekin ye yaad rahe
are yaad rahe aji yaad rahe
bade-bade log yahaan …

Important people are present here, but let’s keep in mind that
Yes let’s keep this in mind that…

sachha pyaar gareebon ka baaki hai khel naseebon ka -2
dil ki ye baaten jag se niraali
ye kya samajhegi koi daulat wali
to jise meri yaad aaye …

True love belongs to the poor, what rests are just the whims of the fortunate
The matters of my heart are unique to this world
They will not be understood by a rich girl

no sebatian no
o goldy the anthony gonsalves yeah anthony